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Leeuwarden water is innovating

Leeuwarden is truly a water city. And we’re not just talking about the 11 city ice skating tour or the many canals flowing through the city centre, but rather about the presence of expertise in the area of water technology. The Friesian capital is well on the way to becoming the European Capital of Water Technology. 

Having clean water at one’s fingertips is something that might seem self-evident, but is in actual fact the challenge for the future. It’s a complicated undertaking: the availability of fresh water is currently under immense pressure while demand for water is growing enormously. This requires innovative solutions and new techniques within the water chain. Water Campus Leeuwarden plays a leading role in this.

The Water Campus consists of several different companies and organisations, including Wetsus. Scientists from all corners of the world conduct research here into solutions related to drinking water, waste water purification and water distribution. In this way, the Water Campus acts as ‘hub’ for a worldwide network of water technology; a central point where knowledge is collected and innovation is enabled.